Foot Pain & Dropped Arches

Foot pain

Often injured playing sport or in falls, our feet take a lot of stress in our lives and can, despite being marvels of design, eventually get weighed down by the loads we put them under!  We then encase them in sometimes less than perfect footwear and the end results can be very painful, especially since it is hard to rest your feet!

What most people do not realise is that a great many foot problems are a sign of strain being passed to the foot, it may lie somewhere else. Without a careful assessment of hip and spinal function, it is impossible to fully resolve foot problems that are a sign of whole body issues. These include flat feet, plantar fasciitis, achilles strains and bunions.
Often people become frustrated with arch supports or foot exercises, or even given unnecessary surgery with sometimes quite awful outcomes as a result if poor diagnosis.

Whatever you may have been told, our experience is that nearly all foot problems can be helped, even post-surgery cases. Please enquire for more details.