What Newark Osteopaths Do

What Happens in a Treatment Session?

Treatment Sessions

First of all the osteopath needs to take the time with you to listen carefully to your case history. The osteopath will discuss with you the issue/s that you have come to talk about, the symptoms, when they developed etc. and any changes in either the symptoms or your general health since the onset of the problem.

The Osteopath will also ask you questions about your general health, any medication you take and your past medical history. This allows us to build up a “holistic” picture, looking not only at the symptoms, but also at your lifestyle etc. so that we can understand why the problem has arisen. Then the osteopath needs to do an examination of your body in order to make an evaluation of your physical condition.

The osteopath will look at your body, assess your posture and observe how your spine and other joints move. Any appropriate tests, such as taking your reflexes or blood pressure, will be performed, and then your osteopath will gently feel the tone of your muscles, and examine the joints of the body in order to make a holistic diagnosis.
The osteopath will then discuss his or her findings with you. If it is appropriate, then you will have an osteopathic treatment on your first visit, and a plan will be discussed with you about the need for follow ups (if required), exercises or lifestyle advice.

What do I need to wear?

Usually you will need to get undressed down to your underwear, so please wear underwear in which you will feel comfortable.

Does treatment hurt?

Our treatment is typically very gentle and usually does not hurt. Our osteopaths use a wide range of osteopathic techniques to suit the individual patient’s needs, ranging from the more traditional osteopathic approaches using gentle but specific massage techniques, articulation (movement) of joints and manipulative (clicking) techniques, to the more subtle techniques. Our osteopaths are all highly trained and will the best approach for you.

How can Newark Osteopaths help your Family?

Mother and baby

When we come into the world, life will already be throwing challenges at us :being born, falling out of high chairs and the whole list of childhood upsets. At Newark Osteopath clinic we see a lot of mums and their babies and children. Little ones respond just as well as adults to treatment and often improvements are really fast. Our Osteopaths have trained for many years and then undertake extensive post-graduate work to ensure very safe and effective treatment for mother and baby. At Newark Osteopath Clinic you will find an experienced team of therapists second to none, able to offer a professional and expert support service for mother and baby.


Children, as any parent knows, are challenging. As they grow up we try to keep them safe and we try to set them free. At Newark Osteopath Clinic we want to give your child the very best chance to grow happily and healthily. Children get just the same physical issues as adults, but often their natural vitality means that though you know something is not right, it is not obvious either. Extensive training and experience in the care of children means that our Osteopath can really Get to bottom of issues and work with other specialists to solve the problem. Whether it is postural issues, growing pains, scrapes and injuries, the expert caring approach of a skilled Osteopath is Irreplaceable in making sure your child has absolutely the best care and support as they grow. If you have any questions about specific issues do feel free to call and speak to one of our experienced practitioners.


The body is miraculous in the way it can heal itself, as we constantly challenge and abuse it. Osteopathy for over one hundred and twenty years has been a solution to healing, so that many people trust in the treatment from Osteopathy. More than the procedural approach of Physiotherapy, less monochromatic than the adjustments of chiropractic, no side effects like medication. Osteopathy gets your body to work properly, so it can look after itself. Whether things need straightening out, relaxing, given the ease to allow healing or getting that last few percent of performance, osteopathy is the sophisticated and successful choice. Many people come as and when issues arise, others regularly to keep in optimum shape. We will work with you to devise an affective and affordable plan and we will never offer treatment it it is unlikely to help. Osteopathy is also extraordinarily safe, with the risks of serious problems treatment so low as to be virtually immeasurable. Call to book an appointment, or we are happy to have a chat on the phone to see if we might be able to help.

In Middle Age

Not young and not old, it should be the prime of one’s life. Sometimes, perhaps an injury heroically skiing that has never been resolved, sometimes tiredness and headaches at work. What you don’t want is for things to build up, until suddenly you can’t run for a bus or play with your children. Maintenance and repair is so important for the long life of any machinery, and we as humans are no different. We absolutely can improve or fully cure most physical problems, give Osteopathy a try!

As You Get Older

All too often aches and pains can become an increasing problem, getting in the way of all those things we just want to get on with. Our elderly patients tell us about how they felt there were no solutions they trusted, perhaps painkillers with their side effects, or being told “you’ll just have to put up with it, it’s wear and tear”. Our experience is not so depressing! Sometimes things can be resolved completely, sometimes the worst of the pain eased so you can sleep again. Or walk again! Do not be put off by worries about the treatment or what it might cost. Many of our elderly patients find it so valuable they literally would be lost without it. We have various cost cutting schemes if money is a big worry, we are used to finding a way forward that is affordable and effective.

Talk to us today to see how we can help

Give our team a call on 01636 611644 or fill in the online appointment form to book in to see an Osteopath.

What sort of things can you help me with?

Back Pain

Back Pain

Most people will suffer with back pain at some time in their lives. Our western lifestyle, working, sitting, perhaps not getting the rounded exercise we might do, everything seems to put a strain on our backs. Problems vary from the mildly irritating to the unbearable. Osteopaths train over many years to understand the way a spine functions, and how that is linked with your history and lifestyle. Each case is assessed very carefully, and a picture is built up – how did it come to this? What is the way forward? We can help nearly every case we see, but the solution will be tailored to your situation; Hands on treatment to align, relax and balance your spine Careful work with our hands on tight and painful muscles Work on postural and structural makeup to recover the natural ease and lift in a spine Possible lifestyle issues, including habit and exercise Once these issues are addressed the spine has natural powers of healing and recovery, and it is this that an Osteopath encourages. Call to speak to an Osteopath, or pop in and have a chat to see whether we might be of assistance.

Aches and Pains

Whether it is from an accident, an act of physical heroism or something that just comes out of nowhere, aches and pains can become a depressing constant in one’s life. Osteopathy exists primarily to help your body heal itself properly and permanently, so you can get on with your life. The treatment is not rocket science, just relaxing, straightening and organising the body so it can do what it is designed to, heal up and get better. This explains why Osteopathy is so successful; it just encourages something which is natural, what the body is trying to do anyway. Some things just need the occasional visit as and when, others steady treatment over a period. We will discuss this all with you at your first visit. Discover what many thousands already have, a body that works after Osteopathic treatment.

Knee Pain


Headaches can be so frustrating. Whether it is time of the month, stress at work or whiplash, many many people suffer for years, even lifetimes with headache. They can vary from the occasional twinge to the truly awful. We are trained to diagnose your headache, taking a detailed case history. If something doesn’t sound quite right we can advise you about scans etc., for reassurance that nothing more serious is wrong, Many people wrongly worry about their headache when the problem is not serious, Men in particular will often suffer head pain stoically for years. Let us have a look using our careful, expert approach and we will let you know clearly what we think is going on and what can be done to help or solve your problem.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries often require something of a specialist approach in management. Often result of pushing outside performance envelopes (as opposed to the more usual shrinking performance envelopes), healing requires rest and graduated return to activity with treatment to optimise healing rates and address biomechanical disadvantage locally and generally as an integrated machine. For example, many if not most ankle and knee mistracks can be traced back to the spine and pelvis alignment. Osteopaths bring particular skills to this problem, along with our sports therapist, personal trainers, and dietary specialists. There is the further question of human blueprinting, getting 100% of the structure’s function by dealing very precisely with alignment and legacy tissue change (scarring, adhesions etc), and inappropriate neurological sensitivity (pain syndromes, facilitation etc). We have various useful specialists in the field, ask reception to speak to an Osteopath for more details.