Osteopathy is a manual type of therapy that typically involves an amalgamation of different treatment techniques performed on the muscle, joints, and bones that include deep tissue massage, soft tissue massage, joint articulation, stretching movements, and muscle energy methods.

After the initial consultation is completed by one of our physicians, if there are any underlying health issues present or detected they will discuss this with you in detail. Osteopathy is a very valuable means of treating and preventing a number of conditions and has numerous benefits such as:

  • Helping the body to heal properly
  • Increasing blood supply and oxygen to all the tissues
  • Increasing mobility and flexibility of the joints and muscles
  • Relieving any muscle tension present throughout the body

Reasons why people get this form of treatment done is due to several things that can range from knee pain, pelvis and hip pain, sports injuries, lower back pain, frequent headaches, simple neck pains, and joint pain. It is also beneficial for pregnant women who suffer from joint pain.

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